Enabling HR Processes

Tax and Compliance

HireCase BPO’s Tax and Compliance Service is a certification model to individual assessment and legislative regulations identifying with EOBI, Social Security and so on and all around situated to help managers to diminish costs, dispose of manual undertakings, and guarantee consistence round the year. Our Service:


  • Counsels, Identifies and computes accessible assessment credits and motivating forces for salaried people
  • Streamlines livelihood assessment credit screening
  • Brings down successful assessment rate with reserve funds from expense credits and motivations
  • HireCase BPO’s customers are encouraged with Individual Return Services which give an outright simplicity to representatives and an added consistence affirmation to our clients
  • Duty and agreeability including Calculations, Deductions, Payments, Challans, Returns and Certificates and so forth.
  • Charge consultative for any amendments/ redesigns according to government regulations
  • Guarantee convenient installment of every single relevant assessment/tolls including wage impose on pay earned to related government divisions.
  • Give official documentation to evidence of charges paid
  • Processing of representative advantages | derivations which incorporate Provident Fund, EOBI, ESSI and different installments.
  • Era of MIS | reports, worker evaluation and division savvy on a week after week, month to month or regular schedule notwithstanding 24/7 entrance on Decibel through Employer gateway
  • Processing of last settlement of resigning | dividing representatives.
  • Give month to month voucher to Payroll collection.
  • Support in interior and outer finance reviews.
  • Process one extra finance for senior administration to guarantee secrecy.