Modern Technological Edge Platform Of Talent Selection

Decibel, a Cutting the edge Human Capital Management (HCM) framework,give permit of private and confidential data, secure online platform. Some of its points of interest include:

Representative Data Management

  • Include, edit, adjust and view worker information online
  • Online worker affectation apparatus

Finance & Tax Compliance Management

  • Online financial point of interest including pay history and assessment subtle elements
  • Partners get “Pay Disbursement Confirmation SMS” on their cellular telephone
  • Direct store of compensation, remittances and repayments


Participation & Absence Management System

  • Partners can “Punch-in” and “Punch-out” online
  • Partners can submit online leave applications
  • Directors track both excursion and wiped out leaves online

Advantages Administration

  • Keep up authentic information of representative advantages projects including occurrence history
  • Predecessor Verification Module

MIS Reports

More than 100 modified Management Reports

Customer Support Management

  • Call community for customers and workers
  • Complaint center framework, 24/7