Before buying any Human Resource solutions or services consider these question for better decisions


Vendor Screening:
  • Does HRM service provider has sound portfolio in HR?
  • How transparent and efficient is that process?
  • Can you customize you HRM solution as per requirements? Will it give the required outcomes?
Time Management:
  • Does HRM solution provider have capabilities to fulfill the commitment in time?

What are the benefits and features?

  • Can you avail reports or documents in form of XLS/PDF/Word file.
  • Can you upload bulk data with Xls file?
  • How HRM firm manage to underpins the to retain talent?
  • Does HRM services permit opportune cautioning & appreciation?
  • Does HRM solution really worth in the future?
  • Does HRM project or declared the salary Tax and its calculation?
Help and Support:
  • Can you call or ask for support 24/7 service?
  • How well they support you or follow through your query

Keep Informed:

  • How efficiently and frequently you HRM solution updates you with new policy and regulations?


  • Which mode of payment and method needs to be used?Is there any hidden cost?
Withdraw policy:
  • How the information will be exchanged? Will your engineer help in learning exchange? How the secrecy and protection of the organization kept up?