Enabling HR Processes

Time and Attendance

From effortlessness of participation in an administration part to the most complex modern circumstance of round the clock shifts or to a wellbeing industry where innumerable program administration produce into results, HRSG BPO’s Time and Attendance following apparatuses help you deal with your workforce and track representative time and participation all the more proficiently. Our demonstrated, industry driving incorporated Time and Attendance programming arrangements empower you to streamline finance readiness and advance your work speculation. Our answer offers:

Adaptable Time Collection Methods

HRSG BPO offers numerous alternatives to gather worker time and participation data, including electronic or online timesheets, identification card time tickers, biometric time clocks (hand geometry and finger impression), and remote gadgets.

Time and Attendance Recordkeeping

HRSG BPO’s Time and Attendance arrangement computerizes the computation and reporting of hours worked and paid time off in view of your organization’s approaches, making it less demanding for you to oversee worker expenses, control extra minutes, and engage your workforce with organization toward oneself entrance to hours and timetables.

Worker Scheduling

HRSG BPO’s Time and Attendance arrangement aides disentangle representative booking by issuing you the apparatuses to guarantee sufficient staffing scope, keep workers from working outside booked hours, and dodge pointless additional time.

A thorough time and workforce administration arrangement from HRSG BPO can help you:

Apply pay approaches reasonably and reliably

Give precise, undeniable review trails and records of hours worked for reviews and surveys

Figure the commanded every day/ week by week normal extra minutes rate for every qualified representative

Oblige salaried workers who are qualified for extra minutes

Compute numerous leave approaches in falling manner

Disentangle leave qualification