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HireCase cloud applicant tracking system is a convenient tracking system that helps you keep track of all the hiring processes as it stores and organizes all of your applicant information. Our cloud applicant tracking system manages all the details about different job openings in one central location.


Resume Analysis:

Our cloud applicant tracking system automatically extracts and imports all the data from different online resumes and emails into central database so that you can access them at anytime from anywhere.


Customized Search Engine:

With our variety of search tools, go beyond your average search engine that includes full Boolean resume search, semantic search, social search and more.


Customizable Workflows:

Cloud tracking applicant system helps you maintain your company’s current submittal and hiring procedures by the use of customizable workflows.


Career Portals:

Track your career portal traffic and new job opening by using cloud tracking system that helps you build your own business portal.


Advanced Analysis:

Produce point-and-click reporting as well as break down data by source, client, manager or hiring status.


Social Networking:

With the use of cloud applicant information and job opening can be directly posted on different social media networks just witch a click of a button.


Resume Sources: 

Tracks and gathers information from different resume sources directly in your system, so that you don’t need to gather applicants resumes all the time for job openings.



With a variety of reports you can always track the performance and status of different HR processes from anywhere at any time.


Outlook/G-mail Integration:

Easily integrate with Outlook so you can track and store all emails. Share activities and appointments with any online calendar system such as G-mail or Outlook.