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Get access to Hirecase HR and payroll solutions by benefiting from workforce optimization, so that you can run your business in a stress-free manner by empowering your employees and business processes.

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Reach candidates like never before. The new HireCase Recruit makes it easy to select the ideal candidate by posting to job boards, screen and take digital interviews. Learn More


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Forecast Elite Performance With Targeted Assessments

report_business_diagram_analyzing_analytics_graph_statistic_marketing_corporate_chart_finance_financial_paper_document_clipboard_data_information_analysis_analyze_plan_result_solution_flat_design_icon-512HR Testing’s proprietary line of behavioral and skills based assessments have been designed to meet the needs of most industries and jobs. A listing of the “Pre-Assembled Elite Profiles” is presented below. Click on each for more details. We also offer the ability to mix and match job relevant scales to create a truly customized solution in minutes.

Connect With The Top Talent in The Industry

diamondWhether you have a well-established recruiting process or you’re just starting out, we can connect your company to hard-to-find and highly sought-after candidates across Asia. We have six discipline-specific teams of recruiters who cover the main functional areas of every organization.
These areas include:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Administrative
  • Health care
  • Information technology
  • Professional/Legal
  • Sales and marketing

Role Based Social Media Intelligence Profiling

checkRole-based profiling looks into the social media background trails left online by individuals and summarises online behavioural traits in a report. Checks during recruitment have become essential to reduce business disruption, employee churn, re-recruiting costs and – in extreme cases – damage to your brand. Online social profiling reveals the truth behind an employee’s online words and actions along with the unsaid facts hidden behind each CV, and is entirely compliant with current legislation in US, UK, Europe and Singapore

Integrated Applicant Tracking System

laptop-128x128Hirecase.com ATS provides you with realtime updates of all your company recruitment reports in perfect infographics. Make use of the smart search options. Simply click through to the detailed information. Add job vacancies effortlessly and quickly. Receive all applications in one place and create for each candidate a secure and complete candidate profile. Managing your vacancies has never been this easy. Have a full overview of your recruitment operations in just a blink of an eye. Have your recruitment process conveniently arranged on one single page. All important information nicely structured on your dashboard.

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heartWe’ve Helped other businesses

Hirecase.com assists us with employee services that give us much more time to concentrate on the portion of the business that really matters to our customers. Our employees are dealt with more professionally and this translates into better services for our customers. Hirecase.com is much more than a payroll administration company. They have helped us with hiring, workers’ comp, employee manuals, safety, and employee benefits; virtually anything that has to do with employees. They are there for advice and counsel whenever there is an employee problem. They have saved us time and money

Chang Nics – HR Partner
E45 Communications and Media

compassDid You Know? Amazing Facts!


A recent survey of 4000 employers in Singapore revealed that most of them had made poor hiring decisions. They estimate that up to 50% of their employees are bad hires.

What this means is that if an organization has 10 employees, it may have between 1 and 5 employees who are not performing to expectations.

In addition, the March 8 2013 issue of “The Daily Stats” by Harvard Business Review reported the following statistics:

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