Customizable Learner-Centric LMS Environment

From hues and logos, down to the dialect settings for worldwide workforces, your LMS entrance is adjustable as an augmentation of your corporate image. Your learning surroundings is designed in a chain of command that mirrors the same structure as your association, for occurrence, you can make divisions, offices, groups, occupation sorts, and so on. This coherence streamlines your LMS execution and fits fast versatility… and we’re here to guide your set-up consistentl


Creating the Learner-Centric Experience

Once you’ve set your LMS chain of importance, you can undoubtedly secure learning necessities and learning ways, educational modules, particular eLearning course substance and reference materials in view of individual learner or learner gathering needs. You have the control to make a totally centered “learner-driven” experience!

If in Doubt, “Call Connie”

When you band together with HireCase, you have quick access to our “Call Connie” administration project sponsored by our excellent group of customer administration masters whose essential objective it is to make your preparation activities a win. So if at any point you have addresses about your LMS or your learning surroundings, simply “Call Connie!”