Profile Monitoring

Employee’s Online Social Profile Screening

Screening your employee’s online or social profile using HireCase reports gives you completely relevant information about content which is being published online either hidden, public or privacy secured by the subject. Sometimes, the reports of these social media employee checks might advise the employee required some sort of training or workshop to improve.


Advantages of Social Media Profiling

A considerable lot of the cases that have gotten press scope in this way, in which individuals’ activities on social networking have affected their livelihood, could have been dodged. Distinguishing antagonism early gives both the executive and representative with a chance to examine enhancing whatever has set off the cynicism, and preparing in online conduct which will keep on profiting every worker for whatever is left of their vocations.

Online and social profile screening’s effective for all parties:

Initially, mostly cases received related to press coverage, in which individual’s activities performed on social media have impact their employments which could have been rectify. Identifying negativity in early stage provides both the applicant and employer with an opportunity to address weakness and provide solution in terms of training to rehabilitate online behavior.

How social profile screenings help you?

Although online and social media screening is new, it may have the some sort of concerns of making an ‘online error’ and create misunderstanding to the reader and due to publicized.

Online and Social profile timeline checks for those in key duties would:

  1. Mention and classify company policy violations, also provide evidence to all parties which can be easily understood.
  2. Mention social media training requirements which would help to avoid unintentional breaches.
  3. Provide employers an opportunity to support employees who are unhappy with their current duties or designation.
  4. Safeguard your firm’s status and brand with (such as socially and online communities).
  5. Recognize prospective or actual data leaks early.
  6. Guarantee your company collects this vital information while fulfilling with regulation.