Writing a CV

Now that we got your cover letter sorted, time to create positive impact to the hiring managers with your Resume/CV. Below are some tips to get you noticed!

  •  The first and simplest is to keep your CV between 2 to 4 pages MAX! Hiring managers receive a tonne of applications and rarely have the time to pore over lengthy resumes. If your resume don’t catch their attention within the first page, they will rarely move on to the next page.Tinker with font size and line spacing etc if you have to have more on the page but also think about how easy and appealing it is to read.


  • Don’t start your CV with a personal paragraph unless you have something that is out of this world to say.If your statement could have been written by almost anybody, then reclaim that valuable page space for selling yourself in other ways. Everybody has a story to tell and unless yours is so much more amazing than the other hundred applicants whose job applications need reading, then make it easy for the person reading your application and cut to the chase.
  • Showcase the skills that an employer is looking for by relating these skills to your work experience, qualifications or interests.Starting with a skills section, outline your strengths, accomplishments and break down your qualifications into their component classes. Explain how certain courses taught you the skills that are required in the workplace such as customer service, responsibility and time management. Do mention skills such as the languages you can speak etc. If you have a short employment history, an interests section can be included at the end.