LMS Accessed Via the Cloud (aka SaaS…Software as a Service)

Our ASAP LMS is easily accessed via the cloud, from any device. HireCase ASAP LMS is a cloud-based technology and is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). So what does that really mean for you? We make it easy for you– we manage the technology, so you can focus on your training. You also get the benefit of:

  • No hardware to buy
  • No software to install on your servers
  • No hidden implementation costs
  • No costly upgrades
  • No need for you to keep bugging your IT department!


Scaleable, Multi-Tenant LMS Platform Reduces Your Costs

Our customers impart one single occurrence of ASAP LMS programming off camera of our multi-inhabitant stage. Every customer then executes their own one of a kind learning environment. That is the manner by which multi-occupancy meets expectations. That in itself doesn’t appear like a major ordeal, however multi-occupancy is a major ordeal. It gives more noteworthy productivity to us, which thus lessens the expense for you!


And when your organization grows, our ASAP LMS grows with you.  The system easily scales to adapt to changes in your training programs.  Do you have large amounts of data to store?  Do you anticipate a large number of users accessing the system at the same time?  From different locations?  We’re positioned for your growth! ASAP maintains service quality, usability, flexibility and granularity while scaling to accommodate your growth demands.

HireCase ASAP is browser neutral; however, for the best user experience, the recommended browsers are IE9 and above, Chrome 8.0+, Firefox, and Safari 4.0+.