Absence Management

Managing employee leaves require precision and expertise in several areas, including legal compliance, employee eligibility, and payroll coordination. Our proven solution enforces attendance and leave policies consistently in order to control unauthorized employee absences.


Adaptable Time Collection Methods

HireCase offers numerous alternatives to gather worker time and participation data, including electronic or online timesheets, identification card time tickers, biometric time clocks (hand geometry and finger impression), and remote gadgets.

Whether you are a service provider or managing an industry, HireCase can help you administer your company leaves (vacation) program in both paperless or hybrid environments not limited to:

  • Annual Leave | Paid Time off | Privilege Leave
  • Maternity | Paternity
  • Casual Leave | Short Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Pilgrimage Leave
  • Compensatory Leave

HireCase’s leave administration solutions provide:

Automation: Calculations based on leave eligibility on the employee’s years of service, hours worked and other criteria.

Accuracy: The system tracks concurrent, intermittent, paid and unpaid leaves so employees receive the right amount of leave.

Convenience: Access for employees, supervisors and HR professionals via web and mobile tools and a full-service customer support center.

Monitoring: Reporting tools to oversee leave activity and identify patterns of abuse.

Guidance: A highly consultative implementation process and tools, along with best practices to help you meet your compliance obligations.

Connectivity: Coordination with HR and benefits services offered by HireCase through electronic data feeds and customized messaging, including a single point of enrollment that can integrate with Payroll and Time and Attendance systems