Easy-to-Use LMS Administration Interface

HireCase ASAP LMS provides an easy-to-use interface to manage and administer all of your training initiatives. Centralized LMS administration enables instant enterprise-wide updates and greatly reduces your deployment time frames. You can quickly and easily:


Need Single Sign-On?

Need single sign-on? Yup – we got that covered! Our LMS technology can easily be leveraged to meet your organization’s needs. We can also provide Application Programming Interface (API) documentation that enables your team to establish seamless connectivity with your organization’s critical software applications.
It’s easy to automate your learning data flow and reduce overall training costs with ASAP! Would you like to learn more about our easy-to-use LMS? Let’s talk.

Fabricate your learning

  • Build your learning environment hierarchy
  • Add, edit or remove users
  • Establish and set access privileges
  • Authorize the publishing or removal of courses
  • Schedule and run management reports
  • Manage compliance and certification activities
  • Schedule classes, record attendance and evaluations
  • Establish billing preferences to better allocate departmental training costs