Prioritize Customer Satisfaction 

Evaluate Positive Attitude

Utilizing people with an inspirational disposition is as basic to your business as the nature of your item or the adequacy of your administrations. A positive representative attitude advances a superior work space, expands client dedication and is more than once positioned as a standout among the most vital qualities by bosses around the world.

The Evaluate Positive Attitude was created to rapidly help associations distinguish those people who have four discriminating behavioral qualities connected with a constructive mien. The four ranges surveyed by the Evaluate Positive Attitude are:



A degree to which an applicant proper approaches work obligations and activities with an uplifting state of mind. The degree to which he/she is constantly idealistic, rarely stresses and dependably shows a positive attitude.


A degree to which the individual is a diligent employee. A degree to which he/she takes pride in the nature of his/her work and accepts that diligent work prompts achievement.


A degree to which an applicant endeavors to tackle issues as opposed to maintaining a strategic distance from them. The extent to which he/she isn’t reluctant to be the first to take a stab at something new, dependably searches for approaches to better self and effectively partakes in work activities or gatherings as opposed to kicking back and viewing.

Broad Minded or Forward thinking

The extent to which the individual is willing to gain from others and from his/her own missteps. The extent to which he/she is not resolute, listens to the needs and guidance of others and is interested in new thoughts and ideas.


The Positive Attitude Profile predicts:

  • Positive “Can Do” Attitude
  • Team Player Behaviors
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to Listen
  • Service Ability
  • Resilience
  • Overall Job Performance

Test Details

  • 40 questions
  • Untimed (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Follow-up interview questions
  • Reliability check
  • Online administration
  • Immediate score report
  • Management Suggestions

This screening is perfect for associations needing to construct a group of positive considering, receptive representatives. Likewise perfect for most employments, especially occupations obliging cooperation with clients and employments obliging a strong disposition.

Percentage of Evaluate Positive Attitude rating by Job performance based (Entry level to Managerial Employees)