Haunted by the Past A Criminal Record Shouldn't Ruin a Career

Haunted by the Past: A Criminal Record Shouldn’t Ruin a Career

In the past year, alleged assaults on passengers by Uber drivers in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and other cities have called into question whether Uber’s employment screening procedures are keeping their customers safe. As allegations of driver misconduct mount, a growing consensus has emerged: Private background checks are not good enough. Uber, like most companies, currently screens job applicants using background checks run by private consumer reporting agencies (CRAs). These checks are compiled through manual searches of local court records.

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How To Get Rid Of Toxic Employees - And Hire Right

How To Get Rid Of Toxic Employees – And Hire Right

Employees can be the greatest thing or the worst nightmare for a business owner – it all depends on who you hire and who you decide to keep. The right employees contribute to the company’s success, stability and happiness. The wrong employees will bring the company down, and cause the owner endless anxiety and grief. After five years of hiring and firing many people, I’ve come to the conclusion that almost all employees fall into one of these four categories:

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