Background Screening of Social Media

Designated-based profiling checks into the social media history or activities; performed online by individuals and compile comprehensive report against online behavior of personalities. Verification during recruitment has become pretty important to minimize business risk, employee turnover, and financial losses in some cases devalue your market value as a brand.


What will designated-based report offer you?

The online/social medium HireCase report reflects features relevant to the employer or organizations, for example:
• What people perceive negative/positive about employers and brands?
• Bullying or Harassment activities
• How professionally porter imagery posts?
• How frequently or efficiently manipulate its information online?
Online activities of brands or individuals demonstrate their identity and privacy management.
Particulars and details of online activities performed and shared information is never dig out and handover to the employer. The statistics only used for defining the individual’s wide-range online profile which allows the employer to remain compliant.
To get an idea about online/social profile report checkout our sample report.

Could perform social media screening by own-selves?

Manually performing social media profiles screening each CV individually is time consuming, chances to human error and is probable to break human rights laws and regulations.
Though it is legal for you to check or read about a person on social media sites, but still have certain areas and particulars which are being protected by account holder or individuals from the public. HireCase reports offer you with all ins and outs information data which you need to make your decisions more efficiently without breaching laws and regulations.

How worthy or valuable online social profiling reports?

HireCase analyzes each applicant online behavior and profile against firm’s necessities, norms and values. Evaluation refers that some of the characteristics mentioned in these social profile screenings are likely to be reflected in the workplace.

These complex and cost-effective reports give ways to prevent future hassles, by highlighting the need for enhancing the quality of talent sourcing during your recruitment process.